Square Lipped Beaker by Andrew Halford - Out Of Stock

Square Lipped Beaker by Andrew Halford - Out Of Stock

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Small celadon green, square lipped beaker by master ceramicist, Andrew Halford. Perfect for a bedside table or morning breakfast tray. Handmade in Tasmania.

10 cms high &  10 cms wide & 8 cms deep 

Andrew Halford first trained with the Japanese potter Shiga Shigeo in his Sydney workshop. 

After travelling and then working with Les Blakeborough at the Sturt workshops, and later working for two years in a commercial pottery, he went to further his studies in Japan.

He spent five years in Japan, working in Mashiko with Shimoaka Tatsuzo, who specialises in inlay work, and Shimada Haruo from the Shimane Prefecture, who is noted for his large storage jars made by the coil-throw method.

Returning to Australia in 1979, Andrew Halford took over Shiga Shigeo's workshop and started his own production of domestic and individual wares. During this time Andrew has trained a number of apprentices.

He says about his work, "My work is based on a tradition of technique, learned both in Australia and Japan over a ten year period."

"I strive for perfection of craftsmanship to the point where I need not be conscious of my hands, but let the clay flow naturally; at this point a potter can begin to develop the eye and the spirit and achieve harmony and balance. When this happens, these qualities should be easily and clearly interpreted and appreciated by others. Then the work speaks for itself."

"At the moment I am using the slip techniques of inlaying patterns, using surface textures from shells, rope, stamps and various nuts and seeds I find in the surrounding bush."

"I draw my inspiration from nature, but also from other art and craft work made by people who live naturally in harmony with their environment."

"I am seeking this balance in my life which will, in turn, show in my work."