Collection: Carol Leddon

"After a 30 year career in Real Estate, 20 of them in the Balmain area and 15 of these working for Sarah Lorden I felt it was time to retire.

When approaching retirement I focused on my love of art and have been pursuing my dream of painting over the last eight years. During this time I have studied with several well known artists who have encouraged and given me a great appreciation for light and colour.

This show is a collective mix of still life and wild life where reflection of light and shade are dominate.

I am also on the board for an Australian charity, Hope for Cambodian children, a community centre that focus on the very poor in the area. Their aim is to bring children out of poverty through health and education. The school caters for over 300 children from pre-school to university. Health and welfare support for the whole family is paramount to it working so well.

Profit from the sales will go towards helping raise money in a hard year for funding."
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