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‘Beauty will save the world’ virtual exhibition by Sonia Mattson. Many of the oil paintings featured in this virtual gallery were created during the recent lockdown in Sydney. Although it was not without challenges, one of the fortunate outcomes was an increase in creative activity. Being cut off from the world in general created a kind of cocoon of enforced isolation. This led to contemplation, appreciation, imagining and creation.


In this interior landscape, I felt a closer relationship to the natural world and my local area. Local icons such as the Valhalla cinema, Badde Manors and Glebe Point road at dawn and dusk made colourful and nostalgic subjects. I have very fond memories of Glebe and the inner city as a student and have always gravitated there after returning from various travels.


The theme of this exhibition is a quote from Dostoevsky which rang true for me although he meant in in a somewhat different sense. During this arduous year, I felt very strongly the power of beauty to connect me with the natural world and beyond, taking the sting out of isolation.


Beauty is everywhere if we can take the time to see. It is in flowers which are such delicate and fragile reminders of transience. In the little street scenes under a dawn sky. A life drawing class, a café scene, the moon.


It is all around us. I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork and find something which resonates.


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