'Salamanca Markets' by Julie Simmons  SOLD

'Salamanca Markets' by Julie Simmons SOLD

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Julie works in the wet in wet tradition of watercolour. She felt her drawing skills, learned during her time in an art studio in the city were more suited to the medium of watercolour. Julie has developed her own unique style, pushing the boundaries of the watercolour medium to produce works full of light and depth of tone whilst maintaining the transparent quality of the medium. 

Although Julie paints in oils, pastels and mixed media it is the medium of watercolour that excites her the most. She paints en plein air regularly. This painting outdoors is a crucial aspect of her work, developing shape and tone and consequently the subject is simplified with detail being kept to a minimum.

A number of councils and private businesses have acquired her work.

Julie is an associate member of the Royal Art Society.


45 x 50cm framed