'Parade'- Met Opera poster by David Hockney (1981)

'Parade'- Met Opera poster by David Hockney (1981)

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"Parade" by David Hockney, 1981, original screenprint for the Metropolitan Opera, NY. Dimensions 2040 x 1040 mm.

Screenprint in colours, on wove paper, from the edition of unknown size, published by Petersburg Press, London and New York.

A very rare and collectible poster by David Hockney. Part one of three billboards commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera in New York City in 1981.

Excellent Condition, with very strong vibrant colours.

Description from the V&A collection

David Hockney has collaborated on many theatre productions. His souvenir poster for the Metropolitan Opera's trilogy of short French works, Les Mamelles de Tirésias by Francis Poulenc, L’Enfant et les Sortileges by Maurice Ravel and Erik Satie’s ballet Parade, was influenced by a Picasso exhibition he saw in Minneapolis. Hockney’s designs for the three productions were also inspired by Picasso.

Poster showing a drawing of Harlequin standing on his hands on top of a box, the front of which is in two sections, each coloured in vertical, brightly coloured bands across which are the words 'metropolitan' and, beneath, 'opera N.Y. 1981' in white handwritten lettering.

Behind the figure, at an angle, is an orange floor with a green rug decorated with two blue triangles and a black wall, painted with geometric shapes. A ladder, painted in red, blue and white, leans against the wall, and there is a multicoloured curtain covering the left hand side of the wall. Along the top, on a white background, is the title Parade, each letter in a different colour.

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