Boho Earrings Cleopatra Rope

Boho Earrings Cleopatra Rope

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These statement earrings are from our latest boheme luxe jewellery collection which is a mix of glam rock and disco crazy styles, transporting you back to a 1970s cocktail hour in Marrakesh.

Paired with a palette of strong gemstone colours, exaggerated forms and gilded metallics this vintage modern jewellery range is designed for those who love to make elegant statements. I love these statement rope earrings made from 1970s gold metallic cord and vintage Lucite which makes it is so lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear!

Our beautifully crafted jewellery is hand made in Sydney for those who have notably unique style and love wearing elegant eclectic statements.

STYLE TIP:  Cute with a bob style cut!

Why We Love Brass? (and you will also!)

  • Brass is highly durable

  • Brass is polished easily

  • Brass is corrosion resistant

  • Brass is green: a highly machinable material makes it
    able to be accurately manufactured with less scrap, less rework and less
    energy than other materials. Products made from brass generally have
    good “cradle-to-grave” characteristics as not only do they show good
    durability but brass is also readily recycled at the end of the products
    working life.

  • Brass is lead and nickel free

  • Brass soft muted honey colouring, makes it the most complimentary of all metal finishes.

Please take care of me by removing when showering, swimming & sleeping. Keep me away from hairspray & perfume.
Enjoy wearing me for many years to come.

Length: 8.5cm
Colour: Black/Gold