Artist Statements

Julie Simmons

"In this exhibition I have included work across different media from drawing through to expressionist. My love of the landscape and in particular the broken, discarded and decrepit within that space is what excites me."

Mellissa Read-Devine

"My work brings optimism and joy to the various subjects that I delight in painting. Landscapes will always be my first love, but I can't resist the exuberant and slightly mad character of birds. The cats just wandered in, as cats generally do."

Holly P.

"I am a young artist who has been painting for five years. Art is a way for me to express my inner feelings and thoughts about myself and life.

I paint with pastels and oils. I love painting with pastels because of their texture and matte tone and I love the intensity of the colours when I paint with oils

I like to challenge and explore the thoughts around women and also how we might view ourselves. I value the different impressions that art has on the viewer, and I often find they see something totally different to me. I like that, because then they truly make the art their own."