'Just Visiting' by Tomi Werleman

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Tomi says, "Growing up with a scary and inconsistent world around me, creative practice allowed motions of freeness and love to begin seeping in. Over the years I have found it difficult to fully embrace my creative side and only used it when I truly needed a sense of solitude. However the more I embrace my creativity, the more I find self-love and find I am able to express the purest and most authentic parts of me. 
'SEASON 2' explores the ways in which we experience moments of love and friendship. The bold colours and refelction of light, both bright and barely seeping in that you see in this collection represent a strong need for these moments in our lives. Whether they are big or small, solid or flickering, without them, life appears more dim and there is more room for darkness."

This painting is acrylic on canvas

If you're interested in this painting and unable to come to the exhibition feel free to call on 0419682143 to discuss purchase and delivery options.