Congratulations to Steffie Wallace

One of our regular exhibitors at Breathing Colours, Steffie Wallace, has just won 3rd Prize in the International Confederation of Art Critics Prize at the London Art Biennale 2019 for her work as an artist.

Steffie’s other recent awards were for ‘Best Landscape in the Show’ at the 2018-2019 Postcard Show at Linden New Art. In 2015 she was awarded the Lorenzo il Magnifico Silver Medal for painting at the Florence Biennale, Italy.

Steffie is a Melbourne based Australian landscape painter who has been painting and exhibiting atmospheric landscapes for over three decades. Her work is represented by galleries both locally and overseas and is held in numerous collections. Steffie says “As a visual artist, my main artistic influences are from Turner and the Australian Impressionists, with my paintings featuring dramatic skies highlighting fleeting climatic changes and contrasting light”.

Steffie employs a limited colour palette to achieve her atmospheric artistic effects. She “chooses to portray the landscape in transitory weather situations dominated by dramatic skies with contrasting light providing the main focus. My work reflects the unpredictability of nature with the emphasis on transitory experience, paralleling our own fleeting existence and the relativity of our significance within the natural environment”

We’ve just added this painting “Breaking Storm, Parramatta River” to the Breathing Colours shop and will be building Steffie’s collection in our online offering.

Steffie is also a writer and has republished her novel 'The August Months', in 2017 which deals with addiction and recovery. The book features two artists among the main characters. Copies of 'August Months' can be purchased online.

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